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How to save energy and money at home

It’s that time of year with a dark nights and freezing temperatures, so naturally our energy bills are rising throughout the winter period. There are many ways to reduce your household’s energy use, so we have put together our top tips on how to save on energy and therefore your hard-earned money during these cold months.

  1. Altering your winter habits at home

    The fire is lit; the heating is on and yet your clothes are in the dryer. Making the decision to hang them out to dry instead, (inside of course) is just one simple habit that you can change to reduce the amount of energy being used at home.

    You should first ask yourself if you are being energy efficient beforehand. Here’s a few more questions for you… how many times do you leave a room without turning out lights? Does the dishwasher really need to be on, or can you wash a few dirty dishes by hand instead?

  2. Time to look at smart technology?

    Smart homes have been a recent ‘hot topic’, with the likes of Google Home and the Amazon Alexa being introduced, numerous smart products have been brought to the market which are compatible with these devices. From smart bulbs to vacuums, the possibilities are endless and all at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice.

    One of the benefits of the smart technology products includes the likes of smart heating devices such as The Hive, or The Nest. Not only do they let you set your preferred temperature, but they even learn your habits to help you save energy. For example, it knows when you leave for work or when you have gone on holiday and therefore automatically switches the heating off for you when you’re no longer at home. Clever!

  3. A Fitbit, but for your home

    Still not got a Smart Meter? Why not? It is a great tool to monitor how much energy you are using on a daily basis and can even tell you what you are using more of so that you can try cut down on either gas or electric. They work out your cost per day which may seem low on a daily basis, but it quickly adds up. Set a goal and work together as a household to stick to it.

  4. Simple things go a long way

    They may seem p, but they do help! Why not fit a blind or a curtain to go over your external doors? These make such a difference in winter and also keep out any drafts in older homes. Other tricks include keeping the oven door open once you have used it but be sure to only do so if it is safe and that it isn’t in reach of young children or pets.

There are plenty of other ways you can save energy now-a-days and new builds are actually more efficient than ever! If you have tried all the above and more, maybe it’s time to look at switching your energy supplier.

Best of luck with your savings and let us know if you have any other tips that have worked well for you!

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