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How to prepare your home for a post lockdown sale

By Francesca Kaye, Marketing Manager at Newby

Before Coronavirus was a word we uttered daily, many thousands of people were planning a house move as Spring approached. Although those plans may now be on hold, for lots of people a move will still be on the table when circumstances allow. Whether that’s downsizing now the kids have left home, moving up the ladder as families grow or a much-longed for relocation, the experts seem to agree that the housing market is simply on hold and will bounce back in time.

What is certainly true is most of us are currently spending more time in our homes than ever before. So, if a move is on the cards for you in the medium term, how can you spend that time getting your home ready to go on the market, to ensure you get the best possible sale? As experts at creating our own ‘dream’ show homes, we have collated some of our top tips:

  • Get handy - Sales of DIY equipment are through the roof – if it’s safe to get what you need, now is the time to get on top of those niggling jobs which you’ve not had time for. 
  • Be inspired - Use Pinterest for some simple interior design ideas which don’t need to cost a fortune. Take a look at how cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch loves to karate chop her cushions - we do the same in all Newby’s show homes! 
  • De-clutter – Although tips and recycling points may be closed, do some preparation decluttering. When it comes to selling homes, less is more – you want open spaces, the suggestion of ample storage and plenty of light!
  • A home to be lived in – Decluttering is key but you still want to make a property look lived in with those little accessories that make a house a home. And you need to be comfortable and happy living there for some time yet!
  • Get experimenting – Could your furniture be moved about to make your room appear larger? Try the kitchen table the other way around and move the sofas about in the living room. Have fun with it and try things out, you may be pleasantly surprised! Add mirrors to bounce light around a room and make it look bigger.
  • Get painting – A freshen up with new paint always works wonders. It might not be easy with everyone at home all the time – but it could potentially mean extra pairs of helping hands! If you’re not sure about using bold colours on your walls, consider adding seasonal colours through soft furnishings.
  • Kerb appeal – If you’re lucky enough to have outside space you can spruce up, not only is it great if you can enjoy it whilst you’re spending time at home, but it’s also fantastic from a sales point of view. First impressions count.
  • Create a list for the professionals – Tradespeople may not be working now but make a list of jobs which require outside help. Start contacting people you could hire once restrictions are lifted. 
  • Deep clean – Get into those hard to reach corners and tackle ceiling lights and other things you may not notice during regular cleans.
  • Get the ball rolling - Estate agents are still working and will be able to offer advice, so why not start considering who you might like to market your home through. They can do an estimate valuation on your property, then a more accurate one once restrictions have been lifted. Similarly, if you’re interested in a new build property talk to the developers – they may have virtual tours they can share with you and you can find out more about what’s on offer. 

Although everything might feel up in the air right now, a bit of preparation might just enable you to be first out of the block when the time is right.

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