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Finding the perfect family home

By Francesca Kaye, Marketing Manager at Newby 


Finding the perfect family home can be tricky – can a property really tick all the boxes? Which boxes are more important than the others?


Buying a family home before your family is complete can be even more difficult – and often we see property owners deciding to move house faster than they expected as their home no longer works for them once the reality of having little ones sets in.


At Newby we’re currently working on a luxury, family focused development – West House Gardens in the picturesque village of Birstwith – so we’ve been giving lots of thought to what makes an ideal family home. 


·         Room to grow – it sounds obvious but consider how many bedrooms you may need in the future. Is a spare room essential – will you have friends and family coming to stay regularly? Do you need a study?

·         Avoid the ‘box’ room – kids will argue over anything. If one has a box room and the other is in a large double it’s a recipe for sibling rivalry!

·         Community – look for somewhere you can imagine being part of the local community. You’ll be forging new connections through children, whether it’s at the local school or linked to sports or hobbies.

·         Amenities to suit you – it’s handy to be able to grab a pint of milk at the end of the road and to be able to walk somewhere for dinner – but for some people having plenty of cycle routes and outdoor activities close by are more important.

·         Car parking – is there plenty of room for the cars you have in your family? You won’t want to park miles away if you have a sleeping child in a car seat, or bags of shopping to unload whilst supervising a toddler. It was essential to us that all of our homes at West House Gardens have two parking spaces.

·         Plenty of bathrooms – a downstairs toilet is always handy with kids, as is a bath.

·         Open plan living – this has become much more popular over recent years and it certainly has its advantages for family life. It’s handy to be able to keep an eye on little ones whilst getting on with jobs, and for you all to be able to spend time relaxing together in larger rooms.

·         A kitchen diner – having somewhere to eat in the kitchen – even if it’s not your main dining area – can be handy whilst children are still in high chairs and feeding is potentially a long and messy process!

·         Garage or outdoor storage space – consider where you’ll keep items such as bikes, scooters and pushchairs.

·         Family friendly – smaller family-focused estates, such as West House Gardens which has 33 homes, can be ideal for finding families with children of a similar age. Having friends on the doorstep can be very useful!

·         Utility room – having somewhere to store muddy boots, wet coats and piles of washing can be invaluable.

·         Low maintenance garden – unless you’re very into gardening, a low maintenance garden might be preferable to begin with and you can make your mark over time. Plenty of grass for young ones to play on, but with secure fencing and gates, is ideal. If there’s playgrounds, fields and places to walk to nearby, that gives the best of both worlds without all the upkeep for you.

·         Lots of electrical outlets – with gadgets galore to charge, particularly as they get older, having plenty of electrical outlets is important.

·         Space for a playroom – if it’s at all possible, having a room where you can close the doors on the toys when they’re all in bed is definitely worth its weight in gold.


So, if you find a house that ticks all those boxes – it might be time to make an offer!


At Newby, we are working on a range of developments in Harrogate, York, Glasshouses and Birstwith. For more information please email or call 01423 326 336.

Images are from our West House Gardens development in Birstwith, Harrogate.
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