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Top Rated Smart Devices For Your Home

We currently live in a digital world filled with gadgets and quirky technology to make life easier for us and also creating a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in some cases. What seemed to have started with an iPhone has now soured into a whole range of smart technology, which can become confusing when you aren’t sure what to buy out of such a vast amount of choice.

We have a list of just some of the best smart technology gadgets for your home to assist you with a number of things, including your heating, home security and even your morning routine.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

    Your thermostat controls around 60% of your energy bills so why not aim to save money by saving energy within your household. The best thing about the Nest Thermostat is that it does all this for you. This is because it learns your daily activity in the household and automatically adjusts the temperature and heating controls for you.

    Because it learns from your behaviour, it gets to know the temperature you like when you’re home and turns itself down or even off when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how drafty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. Now that really is smart technology!

  2. Amazon Alexa

    The amazon Alexa needs no introduction really… One of the most popular gadgets to have in your home alongside the Google Home system.

    The collection includes the Echo, Dot and much more and has a whole range of fun features for your household. You can stream music through the internet, use Bluetooth to connect your own phone’s music, play games, ask what the weather is like in your area, set reminders or even ask her to order an UBER for you./p>

    The best thing about Alexa is that the majority of the smart devices out there today are actually compatible with this device. This means that you can set commands linked to other devices in your house such as the lights, your kitchen appliances or turn down your heating. Opportunities are endless…

  3. Phillips Hue Wireless Lighting system

    This one can get a little addictive as you can literally control you lighting in your whole house if fully set up, all at the touch of a button or through voice command with Alexa or other devices.

    Features include comfort dimming controls to be able to set the brightness to the preferred setting, either for the whole house or for each individual room. You can also set light schedules so that the lights come on at a set time each night and gradually turn off before you go to sleep. Finally, these clever light bulbs can be controlled anywhere in the world through your smartphone and the Phillips Hue app, so if you know you’re due home in the next few minutes you can turn the lights on before you arrive.

  4. SDETER Video Doorbell

    If Security at home is a worry for you, this is the perfect gadget to help ease your mind! The SDETER Video doorbell works wirelessly and only requires batteries, making the design sleek.

    Once motion is detected you will get a notification to your phone and you can physically view, night or day, who is on your doorstep through the 170° wide angle HD lens. Should there be any suspicious activity, you can even save the video footage to be able to send onto others.

    Not only can you view others, you can speak to directly to the visitor too. So, if a neighbour comes to visit when you’re on your way home, you can say that you’re only a few minutes away if they wanted to swing by later instead.

  5. IRobot Roomba Vacuum cleaner

    The IRobot Roomba will become your best friend! With the tap of a button or by voice command with Alexa or Google, your chosen room(s) can have a quick vacuum whilst you can literally sit with your feet up and watch it!

    This clever little vacuum can collect dust, mites and allergens as small as 10 microns and literally cleans until the job is done, even if it needs to re-charge at itself on its very own dock before completing the job efficiently. You can even ask it to avoid certain obstacles or rooms within the house. The Roomba also sweeps corners and right into the edges of your room, not to forget the fact that it can detect and alter itself for different gradients, such as going over a rug, or floor types.

*Choices have been made via Amazon’s top-rated smart devices as of March 2019 and description highlights are from the manufacturer’s own descriptions on the Amazon pages.

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